Business Registration in Other Cities

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We also provide company formation service in other cities such as Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, etc.

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Singapore is located on the southern tip of the Malaysia Peninsula. One of the original tiger economies, Singapore is now a major international financial and trade centre and rivals Hong Kong as the world's biggest container port. Singapore has a reputation for being highly regulated, however in reality it is a carefully administered jurisdiction.

Standard Requirement for Singapore Limited Company

Proposed company name

English or Chinese

Standard authorized share capital


Minimum share capital


Minimum shareholder

1 Natural person or legal entity

Minimum director

1 Natural person or legal entity (a)

Company Secretary

Compulsory (b)


(a) One of the directors must be ordinarily resident of Singapore.

(b) Sole director cannot act as the company director. The company secretary was also required to be a resident of Singapore.



In the recent years, the economic downturn from Europe and America induce companies reinvest their capital into Asia market. Since China is now suffering from high inflation rate, more companies are willing to invest in the developing market, which able to maintain their operating costs. The Associate of Southeast Asian Nations, such as Malaysia, which political stable and steady economic growth, would be one of the best choices for these companies.

However, register a company in Malaysia by a foreign company is not as easy as set up company in Hong Kong. The Company Commission of Malaysia set out some criteria at which foreign may not easy deal with, for example, minimum 2 directors must be the resident of Malaysia. With our experience and network at Malaysia, we may able to follow up these companies to set up company as smooth as possible.

Standard requirement for Malaysia Limited Company

Proposed company name

English and Chinese

Standard authorized share capital

RM$100,000  (c)

Minimum share capital

RM$2 at RM$1 each

Minimum shareholder

2 Natural person or legal entity

Minimum director

2 Natural person or legal entity (a)

Company Secretary

Compulsory (b)


(a) At least 2 directors are local resident. The two directors may or may not hold shares.

(b) The company secretary should be a member of a professional body prescribed by the Minister or is licensed by the Company Commission of Malaysia.

(c) Depends on the size of authorized capital, the Companies Commission of Malaysia will charge a registration.

Advantages of Malaysia Limited Company

  • Wide range of tax incentives and allowance 
  • English legal system
  • 100% foreign ownership allowed
  • Easily avoid doubt tax treaties for most of the counties


South Korea

South Korea is a sovereign state in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. Its neighbors are China to the west, Japan to the east, North Korea to the north, and the Korea Strait to the south. It is a high-income developed country, with a developed market, and is a member of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (“OECD”). 

Standard Requirement for South Korea Limited Company

Proposed company name


Standard authorised share capital

KRW$50 million at KRW$1 each

Minimum share capital

KRW$50 million

Minimum shareholder

1 Natural person or legal entity

Minimum director

1 Natural person or legal entity

Time required

20 -25 Working days


Advantages of South Korea Limted Company

No restriction on the nationality of director

Member of OECD

Stable financial system

South Korea is the world's 8th-easiest place to do business

Wide international market communication

South Korea is positively ranked as the world's 31st-freest economy





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